Set your goal!

5 10 2011

People might have so many motivation sources. I have a dream that one day I will be a teacher. This is one of my motivation sources. When I was young, I always dreamt about it. Along with the process of my education, I found myself always changed my dream. There were so many destructors that demoralized my dream. Even I forgot my focus on my dream and made me doing anything was not optimal. For instance, I did not focus on my learning; I spent much time for something that did not make my ability develop and so on. I seemed to lose direction until I came to this course, motivation class. I learned about the theory of motivation. This course as if recalling my motivation. I am motivated again to reach my dream. The dream is the goal(s) that you want to accomplish. From theory of motivation that I got in this class, I did not have good goal setting. Lock and Latham (2002) said that goal setting improves performance. Now I know the reasons why goal setting is very important and how I have to set my goal.

Knowing theory of motivation is a useful skill. It is very crucial for teachers to have this kind of skill. It will help them in reaching the students’ learning motivation. According to Locke (1990), goal setting is a powerful way of motivating people, and of motivating yourself. The value of goal setting is so well recognized that entire management systems, like management by objectives, have goal setting basics incorporated within them. I will be a teacher who helps my students to set their goal, hard goals. Locke (1990) said that hard goals are more motivating than easy goals, because it’s much more of an accomplishment to achieve something that you have to work for. Once the students set their goal, it will affect their learning motivation. One last word from me is “Set your goal now, and then help your students to set it!”



–          Locke. (1990). Locke’s goal setting. Retrieved on Wednesday, 05th October  from

–          Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning Module


Written by: Nurul Fitriani Dewi




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5 10 2011

Dear Nunu,

I absolutely agree with “Set your goal now, and then help your students to set it!”. As a teacher, we are also not only motivate ourselves to set and reach our goals, but also we have to help our students to do so.
*Nellis Nevada

6 10 2011
Nurul Fitriani Dewi

A 100 % AGREE……

6 10 2011

If we have a goal, it seems like we have the final direction to reach. If we are in the tour and we know our goal (place to visit), our time and energy will be used more effectively than if we do not have the goal. So does it in the life journey.

6 10 2011
Nurul Fitriani Dewi

Dear my sister Endang,
So, What do you think? Do you have a goal in this life? if yes, then are you motivated to reach it? ^_^

8 10 2011
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